What is 902 Breaks?

Let me break apart the name for you.  902 refers to our geographic area (telephone area code) being Nova Scotia.  Breaks is in referance to what is known as a Group Break.  So we provide Group Breaks from Nova Scotia.

What is a Group Break?

Basically, a group splits the price of a box or case of cards with each participant keeping specific cards. Group breaking has become popular as it allows collectors to chase big hits without having to pay for an entire box/case. 

What else do I need to know?

Breaks happen live at My Secret Identity, 63 Keltic Drive in Sydney Nova Scotia.  

While everyone is welcome to join us live in store we also broadcast the event live on Breakers.TV and record it for posting on Youtube.

If you would like to participate in a Break you can find out what we are planning on the store page.  You can pay by Credit Card threw our online store or send an e-mail Money Transfer to payments@902Breaks.com using the password Breaks

Break Rules

  1. Breaks will happen on Wednesday evenings starting at 7pm Atlantic Time
  2. Breaks will occur when a minimum number of slots are sold as indicated in each Breaks description
  3. members are welcome to attend Breaks Live on Location at My Secret Identity, 63 Keltic Drive Sydney Nova Scotia
  4. Breaks will be broadcast live on https://breakers.tv/902breaks
  5. Breaks will be recorded and posted to our Youtube Channel on the Thursday following the break.
  6. The list of participants will be randomized 3 times on Random.org
  7. All teams will also be randomized 3 times on Random.org
  8. If a card has more than one team represented, it will be randomized 5 times on Random.org & then the team on top wins
  9. If a card has no team on it, it goes to the jersey being worn
  10. If no team logo worn, then it goes to the team which the player last played

**We are looking into a way to fairly maintain a good trader/seller list or rating system to further assist our members. However, My Secret Identity and 902 Breaks is not responsible for trades/sales, that is between the people making the transactions, we clearly provide a way of trading & selling but cannot provide insurance or security for your transactions as it is up to your discretion**